New York County Parcel Viewer

Search for New York County NY parcel information. A parcel search can provide information on parcel boundaries, property lines, parcel lines, parcel divisions, unclaimed parcels, property taxes, property appraisals, parcel appraisal values, public parcels, genealogical research, property owners, and property sales.

The Recorder of Deeds keeps real estate ownership documents in order to ensure the accuracy of property, land, and parcel records. Recorders of Deeds have records on every parcel under their authority, and they may provide a parcel viewer to look up this information. Parcel viewers provide information on parcel boundaries, property owners, unclaimed parcels, and parcel divisions, and this information may be presented in a parcel map. Recorders of Deeds may also have information on property appraisals, property taxes, and zoning boundaries. They may provide online access to parcel information on the Recorder of Deeds website.

Bronx County Recorder of Deeds New York NY 66 John Street 10038 718-579-6825

New York County Recorder of Deeds New York NY 66 John Street 10038 212-361-7550

An Archive preserves records with historical significance for a local area, which can include parcel records. Some Archives may provide parcel information in the form of a parcel viewer, which can be used to look up historic parcel boundaries, ownership information for any parcel in the area, and parcel divisions over time. These records may also list historical property tax rates or property value assessments, including sales, as well as changes to parcel maps over time. These records can be useful for conducting genealogical research. Archives may provide online access to their parcel viewers.

New York Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive New York NY 799 Broadway 10003 212-674-5398

New York Art Archive New York NY 133 5th Avenue 10003 212-673-5600

New York City National Archive New York NY 1 Bowling Green 10004 212-401-1620

New York City Records Archive New York NY 31 Chambers Street 10007 212-788-8010

New York Educational Records Archive New York NY 220 East 42nd Street 10017 212-370-4094

New York Mausoleum Records Archive New York NY 18 East 53rd Street 10022 212-758-4636

New York New Millennium Oral History Archive New York NY 177 West 26th Street 10001 212-366-1447

New York New School University Administrative Offices Records Archive New York NY 65 5th Avenue 10003 212-229-5720

New York Rodgers & Hammerstein Archive New York NY 40 Lincoln Center Plaza 10023 212-870-1663

New York Shubert Archive New York NY 149 West 45th Street 10036 212-944-3895

New York Special Collections and FIT Archive New York NY 7th Avenue 10001 212-217-4385

The Town or City Hall provides municipal services for their town or city, including maintaining property-related documents. These records can include parcel viewers, which contain information on every parcel in the town or city. These parcel maps can include information on parcel boundaries, unclaimed parcels, public property, and parcel divisions. Town and City Halls may also have records on property appraisals, zoning boundaries, current and former property owners, and property taxes, which may be presented in the parcel viewer. This information is often available to the public on the Town or City Hall website.

New York City Hall New York NY City Hall 10007 212-639-9675

The Clerk Office maintains public records for a county or local government, including vital documents and property-related records. Clerks keep documents on every parcel in their jurisdiction, which can include parcel viewers that show parcel maps, boundary lines, and divisions between parcels. These parcel viewers may also provide information on property appraisal values, zoning boundaries, and property tax assessments, and they can be used to locate unclaimed parcels, public property, and look up property owner information. Parcel viewer information may be available through the Clerk Office website.

New York Clerk New York NY 141 Worth Street 10013 212-669-2778

New York County Clerk New York NY 60 Centre Street 10007 646-386-5955